Developing Intelligence Through Music

Mr Zairul & Kids Zarif & Zahra Syakirah

Zarif & Zahra Syakirah has been with Opus for many years since they were just toddlers.

Zarif is currently 11 years old and Zahra is 14 years old.

Due to MCO, They were unable to attend the usual classes in Opus.

But that did not stop them from learning their music.

Zarif shared that it is still great with technology as still can learn their favourite instrument at the comfort of your own home.

Zahra Syakirah said she would like to encourage everyone to learn online so that you won’t have to miss learning music even during quarantine.



  • Best Children Music School 2009/2010

  • Top Music School in Klang Valley

  • Examination Center for London College of Music Examination Board

  • Awarded Excellent Children’s Music school 2009/2010