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Award Winning Music School – Opus Music Academy

Opus Music Academy is a leading Early Childhood Music School in Malaysia and has been established for more than 20 years. OPUS was awarded the “Excellent Children Music School” by APECP 2010.
The first six years of a child’s life is a period of incredible brain development. At birth, a newborn’s brain is about 30% of it’s approximate adult weight, but by the age of three it has grown dramatically to be about 90% of its mature size. During this time, the brain produces billions of cells and hundreds of trillions of connections, or synapses, between these cells. How can we make the most of this precious learning period?
Studies have shown that music has a positive impact on child development. Music is a universal language. Learning through playing and movement is vital for the early years of a child’s development. A child reinforces brain connection through repetitive play. Repetition is nature’s way of securing any learning. Children learn best through a warm, loving and responsive environment. In these crucial years, a huge difference can be made to build a happy, confident and bright child.

“Musical World”

A homegrown programme designed for newborn to 12 years old has benefitted FROM more than 3,000 students over the years. The “Musical World™” programme is a holistic programme, proven to be effective with our unique approach.
OPUS believes in Developing Intelligence through Music.

Courses that we provide:
Musical World™

(Musical Babies™, Newborn – 18 months)

(Musical Toddlers™, 18 months – 3 Years old)

(Creative Kids™, 3 – 5 years old)

(Music Adventure™, 5 – 7 years old)

(Music Discovery™, 7 – 9 years old)

(Music Mind™, 9 – 11 years old)

(Music Maestro™, 11 – 12 years old)

Instrumental Courses:
Other Services:
  • Best Children Music School 2009/2010

  • Top Music School in Klang Valley

  • Examination Center for London College of Music Examination Board

  • Awarded Excellent Children’s Music school 2009/2010