Developing Intelligence Through Music

Mr & Mrs Poobalan & Child Navishaa Poobalan

Dear Teacher,

We appreciate Opus Music Academy,

especially Teacher Evangeline who is really understands parents needs.

Thanks alot for her kindness and efforts to arrange the class.

We do understand is not easy to manage online classes and also one to one class.

But Teacher Evangeline really done an excellent job and she manage to arrange when parents are still busy working.

Really appreciate and Thank you.

Thank you to Mr. And Mrs. Poobalan for trusting us and supporting during this hard time.

We are Proud and Happy that Navishaa is enjoying her Online Class and with her Teacher…

Happy Child Happy Parents.

  • Best Children Music School 2009/2010

  • Top Music School in Klang Valley

  • Examination Center for London College of Music Examination Board

  • Awarded Excellent Children’s Music school 2009/2010